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I am currently a practicing second level teacher. I taught Gifted and Talented Children at the Centre for Talented Youth in Dublin City University for 17 years from when it’s first summer programme was established in 1993. I taught children from ages 6 to 17 years on CTYI programmes, drafting and delivering courses on World History, Irish History, Government and Society, Political Science, Geopolitics and also International Relations. I have tutored parents, teachers and school inspectors on the Gifted and Talented Course provided by ICEPE, for which I have also written. I maintain an advocacy blog for gifted education at and I co-founded and developed a support network for parents with Exceptionally-Able and Twice Exceptional children in Ireland. I have delivered lectures to trainee teachers on the inclusion of gifted children in the classroom.

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  1. Hello Peter.
    I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your presentation on the 3rd March at DCU. You very clearly a very passionate teacher and a very competent educator. It was unfortunate, that the time restrains didn’t let you express all your ideas and thoughts. I would love to hear your full presentation on another occasion. As a parent of a child, attending courses presented by CTYI, I have deep interest in education, especially as our child is a typical example of a pupil, bored to tears at school. Thanks to CTYI, Saturdays are his favourite time of the week, he simply loves the experience of learning at CTYI classes. We are very fortunate to avail of such opportunity.
    Thank you again for your knowledge, expertise and love of teaching.

  2. Lucy,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I would encourage you to register with We hope to provide a forum of support for parents as well as a pro-active advocacy to see that gifted children are not excluded from their right to an appropriate education. It doesn’t take much to make a difference for gifted children. The more that speak, the more that will be heard.


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