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#gtie is my weekly chat forum on Twitter on Sunday’s between 9.00pm and 10.00pm.

***I have moved #gtie over to Topics will be posted there along with summaries. Links to summaries can still be found here under ‘transcripts’ or under ‘professional development’.***

I’m hoping that #gtie will develop into place to collaborate on moving forward the promotion of gifted and talented education in schools in Ireland.

A tall order, but that’s not a reason not to push.

It could be that there is no need for #gtie and that would be fine. But at the very least using social media is a quick and convenient way of building and maintaining networks over distances.

Transcripts are made available after chat and posted under ‘Chat Transcripts

Longer tweets can be made on TwitLonger – it posts directly to Twitter when you click ‘post’. It inserts a shortened address which open in TwitLonger.  I would recommend only using this outside scheduled sessions as you can end up losing the train of the chat.  But it’s there if you want to use it.

Go boldly!

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  1. Hello Gtie members!

    This is Ceren. I am a PhD student at the Computer Science Department in University of California Santa Barbara. As part of my PhD, I have been working on problems relating to the diffusion of information in online social networks. Recently, I have been truly fascinated by the use of Twitter in important topics such as education, especially after discovering a number of education related chats, #gtie being one of them.

    My goal is to understand the chat phenomenon in the context of education, it similarities as well as differences from offline groups and to identify how the technology could evolve to make this process better/more accessible. Being from a computer science background, so far I have done large scale data analysis but I would love to combine this with a qualitative study to really capture the essence twitter chats. For that purpose, I prepared a survey that I am hoping to circulate.

    I would really appreciate if you would fill out my survey at:
    Your feedback would be really useful! I was also hoping that you would help me spread this form to get more responses by sharing it with your followers on Twitter.

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    Have a wonderful day!


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